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29 March 2013 @ 08:14 pm

So I hung out with Janet for a little while tonight and it was lovely :) I know I've gotta get out my head and just let things be how they are and let them progress in time...
She makes me feel really happy and really blessed, I'm so glad to have her as my best friend. I just care about her so much and I hope she knows that. I think she she gets that a little more every time. And every time she shares a little more with me. It feels like it's going to be an amazing friendship and it's exactly what I need. Fuck I get emotional just thinking about it lol. *issues*
I'm already sitting her with a heavy heart though because Monday she is going back to SB for 10 weeks for spring quarter. Shes going to be super busy so she probably won't be coming home at all which makes me really sad :( I miss her a lot already.

Anyways. Yup. I hope these 10 weeks go fast!!

18 August 2008 @ 05:24 pm
if you wanna add me, just leave me a comment :)